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Going Global with International Patent

Application to Patent Cooperation Treaty Organization

International patent application with PCT, once granted, gives the applicant the same patent protection in all 179 PCT member countries as if individually applied.

ZENA applied for the protection of the Wind Tower system in December 2006.

The assessment report from Patent Cooperation Treaty Organization was delivered to ZENA. In this report all 3 criteria (originality, progressivity, industrial efficiency) of the Wind Tower have been ranked A. This enables Zena System to apply for Patent protection in all 179 IPC member countries beginning 20th of December 2006.


ZENA's Patent Ownership Status
Domestic application
International application with PCT
Domestic patent publication
Assessment Report from PCT
Additional patent application to PCT
International patent publication
Transfer application in 24 countries

ZENA's Patent Status

ZENA' WIND TOWER power generation is a trademark registered in Japan and its patent is open to the public.

Please refer to the Japan Patent Office Website (Industrial Property Digital Library) for details of ZENA's patent. (Domestic patent publication, 2006/12/28)

*The Japan Patent Office Website (Industrial Property Digital Library): http://www.ipdl.inpit.go.jp/homepg.ipdl