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About ZENA System

ZENA System, established in 1997 develops new technologies and products that contribute to the creation of a "recycling-based society" that protects natural environment such as air, oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, mountains and forests, consequently benefic to all living beings including mankind, animals, insects, plants and micro-organisms.
Our corporate motto is to make a better world for all living-beings through scientific research and development.

ZENA System's goal is to protect the future of all living beings on Earth by creating an environmental-friendly "recycling-based society".


Company Profile

Company Name
ZENA System Co., Ltd.
ZENA System Co., Ltd.
Address: 2-2-19, Nagatoishi, Kurume-shi
Capital: 10 mil. yen.
10 mil.
14,April 1998
Board of Members
President SATO Shigeru
Director SATO Ryoko
Director HASHIMOTO Yoshimasa
Director IKEDA Kazumi
Director KATSURA Jiro
Director SHODAI Fumi
Auditor MUROHARA Makio
Business Domains
  1. Research and development as well as technology supply concerning natural energy sources.
    Conception, planning, production and construction of wind power generation systems.
  3. Conception, planning and construction of vegetable and fruit production sites based on hydroponic culture.
  5. Conception, planning and construction of water purification systems.
  7. Conception, planning and construction of sea water closed-circuit fish breeding installations.
  9. Conception, planning and construction of green houses.
  11. Conception, planning and construction of Hydrogen gas-producing facility.

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