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Our Philosophy

ZENA System, established in 1998 develops new technologies and products that contribute to the creation of a "recycling-based society" that protects natural environment such as air, oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, mountains and forests, consequently benefic to all living beings including mankind, animals, insects, plants and micro-organisms.

Our corporate motto is to make a better world for all living-beings through scientific research and development.

ZENA's Actions

ZENA has been working with its eco-friendly business policy and our main activity is the world's first new wind power generation system, the "WIND TOWER"

We had already begun this project more than 20 years ago.

Nowadays, wind turbines are still the main wind power generation system used in the world. But due to its inefficient wind collection, they are far from being cost-efficient.

In 2004, ZENA took the decision to make its WIND TOWER system project as its main activity.

Such a system never existed according to all kinds of official documents.

So we believe that once we complete the necessary experiments and researches, there will be a huge business potential. Application to PCT has been completed.

ZENA's Motto

Energy and food shortage are major issues of this century. Consumption of oil has been increasing in the world, decreasing dangerously oil reserves, leading to tensions between countries. Therefore, we are required to find a reliable alternative energy source. Various potential energy sources have been tried and tested, and ZENA's WIND TOWER Power Generation system is attracting attention from all over the world for its efficiency and performance.