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WIND TUNNEL power generation, beyond the bounds of common sense

Differences between existing wind turbines and the Wind Tower.

Costly, Conventional Propeller-Type Windmills

Wind turbines are currently the main wind power generation system used in the world. Japanese local governments also promote wind turbines for to its "eco-friendly" image. However, it represents less than 1% of the total electricity production.

Due to its inefficient wind collection, wind turbines are far from being cost-efficient. It also causes noise pollution.

Large-scale wind farms using wind turbines originated in Europe, but their daily maintenance is difficult and trouble-shooting costly, causing some of them to cease their operations.

Totally Innovative WIND TOWER Power Generation

ZENA's WIND TOWER system also uses wind as an energy source just as wind turbines. Both systems produce no CO2.

However, WIND TOWER's wind capturing system is radically different from the wind turbines.


Propeller-Type WINDMILL
Wind Capture
Wide surface captures wind, going into the tunnel
Only small blades capture wind.
Turbine blades installed underground, free from damage
Blades subjected to constant swinging motion
Only the WIND TOWER is above ground.
Prone to lightning-related problems
The underground generator easy to maintain
Maintenance work done at high places, subjecting workers to danger
Cost Effectiveness
Plural generators produce much electricity
Cost efficiency low
No rotating blades above ground cause no bird strikes
Causes bird strikes
Can be used as restaurants, observation decks, heliports
Only used for power generation
Any color chosen to fit the surroundings
No choice in color selection