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Privacy Policy


ZENA System recognizes the importance of information privacy and manages your personal information in line with its privacy policy.

1. Collection, Use of Personal Information
ZENA has its own internal regulations for collecting, managing and using acquired information.
2. Management of Collected Information
ZENA takes all preventive measures against unauthorized access to acquired information, against its leakage and its falsification, thus eliminating any possibility of compromising your information. If an abnormality occurs, ZENA will take prompt action to solve it.
3. Deletion/Modification/Disuse of Acquired Information
Once an information provider asks to delete, modify his/her information, or to disuse it, ZENA takes appropriate action.
4. Compliance with Laws
ZENA complies with Private Information Protection Law. All personnel also comply with its internal regulations.
5. In-house Education
ZENA provides study sessions for its personnel.
6. Establishment of Supervising System
ZENA has its in-house supervising system to ensure that acquired information is securely protected.
7. Grievance Procedures
If you have any grievance against or comment on ZENA's dealing with your personal information, please contact us.

Complaints Office:
ZENA System Head Office: Please contact Mr. Sato, Mr. Ikeda. Phone: 0942-34-3330

June 1st, 2008
SATO Shigeru,
President of ZENA System Co., Ltd.