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WIND TUNNEL power generation, beyond the bounds of common sense

The World's First WIND TOWER Power Generation

WIND TOWER: Master the power of wind.

Since 1000 BC, human beings have been considering wind as an important source of energy. These days, more and more people are interested in wind as a clean, non-polluting and unlimited energy source.

Until now, wind power generation systems have been considered as an inefficient method. Their efficiency depended on variable factors linked to the nature of wind. They could receive wind from only one direction.

ZENA System's innovation.

Wind is irregular. It can blow from any direction, at any strength. Zena System's research was based on how to collect efficiently this irregular souce of energy. The answer is a system that collects wind from every direction, anytime and at any speed (WIND TOWER theory).

The Wind Tower is hexagonal and can collect wind from any of its six faces, at any height, at any speed. Once inside the Wind Tower, collected wind is compressed and accelerated through the installation.

A new efficient way to capture wind gave birth to a new energy source.



A safe and flexible energy storage system: the E.A.S.

The E.A.S. is a new energy storage system used to stock the energy generated by the Wind Tower system.

This system uses vanadium concentrated solution diluted with nano water and pure water. There is no risk of fire nor chemical injuries.